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Next-Generation Firewall Leader - Intelligent Integrated Network Security

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CyberSecurity Made Simple

SOPHOS LABS has 30+ years of leadership & innovation in network security.

SOPHOS is trusted and well respected in the network security world.

Future Edge Technologies brings over 35 years of network experience.

What Qualifies as a Next Generation Firewall?

An NGF Provides Total Network Visibility and Control from the Firewall !

  • The Firewall is the strategic center of a total security infrastructure 

  • Provides Visibility and Control over Applications, Users and Content

  • Takes Charge with automatic threat response and remediation
  • Goes far beyond the actions of outdated legacy firewalls
  • SEES, IDENTIFIES all network traffic regardless of port, protocol, encryption, VPN, or Unknown App.

What Are Some Benefits of a Next Generation Firewall?

  • Improve your network security with simple rules.
  • Decrease time spent on support and monitoring.
  • Use the firewall's intellgence to support you.

Stop Propagation of Threats & Protect ALL Fronts

  • Stop a variety of threats Ransomware, vulnerability, exploits, viruses, spyware

  • Purpose Built architecture  (solid state - muticore processors - integrated intelligence) simple to enable, easy to manage, proactive security, low latency, high performance

  • Stops leaks of confidential data (e.g. files, and credit card #, SSN patterns)

  • Internal threats are drastically reduced by empowering users with tools they need to do their jobs.


Simplify Your Security Infrastructure

  •  Consolidate devices
  •  Allow User Freedom with complete security and protection
  • Save management time and rackspace

  • Take charge of application visibility and control

  • Simplify security infrastructure: Simple is always better and safer!

  • Reduce complexity and streamline operations

Get Rid Of That Costly Array of "Bolt On Helpers" and Go Green

  • Full Network Visibility and Control from one Console from anywhere.

  • Reduce Power Consumption - A greener network


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