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Common Myths About Business Phone Services


Extra Features Cost More

The Fact Is...
Once these features are developed and implemented they cost the phone company little to provide. However, these value added features provide huge revenue for most "Old School" phone companies.


Business customers pay more for their service because they use it to generate business revenue.

The Fact Is...
Business customers make less use of phones than home subscribers. - BUT - Businesses pay premium rates for phone lines because they are told they will receive a higher level of service. Basically businesses are treated as a "cash cow"! Every customer deserves the best service possible.



Subscribers should pay an "Access Fee" to help cover the telephone company's cost of serving you better.

The Fact Is...
This is a surcharge imposed by the telephone company. NO guarantee that this money is used to benefit or improve service to those paying the "FEE". Thankfully not every phone company charges this fee.


When a business requires more lines, the phone company must charge for each additional number to recover cost.

The Fact Is...
The only cost that needs to be recovered is the time it takes to implement monitor that number or switch it from one carrier to another for a minimal charge. (Let's be reasonable)


The only alternative to the traditional phone companies is to implement VoIP.  You know ... the jittery, hollow, unreliable voice over Internet.

NOT SO!! The Fact Is ...
VoIP is simply the name for a voice protocol that can be utilized in many ways. Your

voice traffic should not be transmitted openly via the Internet.



All companies that sell phone systems in Canada offer a regulated phone service

NOT SO!! The Fact Is ...
Many of the so called "phone companies" that offer phone services simply never mention their status. They are often resellers. Very few "phone companies" are regulated by the CTRC and meet clearly its specified standards.



Not all VoIP is equal.

1. Not all VoIP ensures quality of voice or quality of service.

2. VoIP service sent via Internet increases BANDWIDTH needs and may require USER FEES for each phone (or both).

3. Quality of voice over the Iternet and dependability are determined by how busy the Internet is.

4. There is a difference between VoIP over the Internet and VoIP over a private managed network. (Both are VoIP)

    VoIP over a private managed network is secure with voice quality assured.

5. Management and security of VoIP traffic is the key to having a quality experience.



NEWT is a CLEC - a CRTC regulated phone company.

  • NEWT Offers all the phone lines needed to suit your business - NO USER FEE or fee per handset
  • NEWT Puts YOU in control of how you use YOUR phones
  • NEWT Enables you to choose and use any features and functions without charge
  • NEWT Doesn't charge a premium for Excellent Business Service. Easy to access help you when you need it most.
  • Business phone service is all that NEWT does.

SO ... Don't Give Up!

There is a telephone company actually focused on putting you first!

There is a phone system that is incredibly innovative, customizable, and inexpensive to operate. Up to 60% and more in ROI.

There is an award winning support service that offers Help when you need it!

PLUS .... Never pay monthly per phone fees again.

NO MORE "Surprises" and "Access Fees".

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